srebrna voda

Silver Water
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virusi ne vole srebrnu vodu


Colloidal silver water should be used every day. It can be used as a prevention that creates an additional immune system to prevent infections, as well as help in the treatment of infections and diseases . In order to preserve its full efficiency, use a mandatory plastic spoon. If a metal spoon is used, after a while it will be silvered, and valuable colloidal particles will be so much less in our body.
A preventative amount of colloidal silver water is 3-4 times (40-60ml) of 5ppm per day on an empty stomach . It is used as follows: Place under the tongue and hold it for 5 seconds, then blister for another 10 seconds - shake the mouth before it is swallowed. In the case of infection, it is consumed 80-150 ml daily . The recommendation of the World Health Organization is that the pizza uses a concentration of 5ppm, and for outdoor use it can be higher. Colloidal silver water is similar in taste to plain water with little metal taste.

After a brief use, you will notice that your teeth have become whitish, that they have no deposits, that you have resolved inflammation of the right and unpleasant breath, and the chances of getting a new caries are minimal. You will be protected from influenza epidemics and respiratory infections, you will cleanse your body from accumulated parasites and microorganisms, you will regulate the metabolism and body weight

How much colloidal silver should be consumed? The concentration concentration is ppm (parts per million), or the number of particles per million units. Worldwide health experts around the world agree that the presence of silver ions in any concentration in the human body is good for health. In consultation with experts, and from these experiences, it seems to us that we have come to one conclusion. And that's not the amount of Silver Water that you drink during the day, which is important to maintain constant concentration in the body. Therefore, in all these chronic and severe diseases, it is better to drink one sip for every 2 to 3 hours than half a cup 3 times a day. This applies to plain flu, as well as any acute infection.