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Silver Water
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First analysis:

silver water concentration ppm

Water samples made with this device were analyzed at the chemistry faculty by the latest equipment and the obtained results show that the sample tested is a true colloidal solution. You may be able to use the recommendation in the user guide for using the device with which you have the choice to obtain the 5ppm and 10ppm solution immediately when applying this procedure. You also have the option of individually selecting recapture. After using the device, it quickly pays, since 0.5lit silver water concentration is 5-10ppm around 6 to 10 euros in our market, and in other countries up to 30 euros.

silver water

Second analysis:

silver water

In Belgrade, 30.08.2013. An analysis was performed in the Anaheim lab.
The analysis was carried out on two samples of silver water.

Third analysis:

silver water

Our customer Topoalovic Slavisa from Doboj (skype name: slavisa.topalovic1) performed the analysis at the University of Tuzla. It is a sample of 13ppm silver water.