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Silver Water
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According to its concept, the device is designed to be used by all, beginners because it is fully automated and those who want to embark on making Silver Water by changing its parameters and analyzing the data it remembers every 30 minutes during operation. The device produces 1liter of silver water.

The device is microprocessor based on modern AVR microcontrollers. With this device you can adjust:

1. Max electricity- when you begin the process of producing silver water, the current through distilled water is small and increases over time because the concentration of silver ions increases. The current must be limited because it would increase in time and would not get the nano solution that we need, but big beads of silver.

2. Polarity- The time is set in minutes and the polarity (+ and -) on the electrodes changes during this time. By adjusting the polarity, it is obtained in some way by mixing water every minute, the electrodes are equally oxidised and are equally consumed. When the polarity was not changed, the process would last 10 times shorter and water would be obtained. You can set the polarity to one minute, two or more, and the best nano solution is obtained for 1 minute, but the process lasts longer.

3. Time- If you go outside or sleep, you can set the time for which the device will automatically turn off. The time is set from 1 hour to 40 hours, can also jump 10 minutes (eg 2h 40min).

4. Distilled water test- it is very important that the distilled water is free of mineral compounds because silver by binding can create compounds that are not healing, ie, Silver water loses its effect. The device controls the quality of distilled water and displays it on the display.

The produced silver water should be clear, colorless, so when compared with distilled water, color difference is not visible. A quality nano solution of silver water can not be obtained in a short time, so it is expensive because the production process lasts for a long time.

All of these parameters are remembered after switching off the unit so that the next time you turn it on, you can start producing silver water immediately if you do not have any parameters to change.

It's not enough for the device to measure electricity alone. This device measures voltage and current so that at any time you know the concentration of the solution, ie, You can stop the process for the desired concentration. ppm meters do it so who are sold who as separate devices.

With the device, you get detailed instructions on pictures and examples for use and recipes, so you can quickly and easily start producing silver water.

The alphanumeric display shows the setting parameters (max current, time in minutes when polarity changes on the electrodes, the time when the process ends, the distillation water drain, the leakage of the previous process in the analysis), and during the operation it stays through the solution, the voltage on the electrodes and time How much has passed since the beginning of the process of making silver water. At the end of the process, you can browse the current and voltage data for every 30 minutes and they are saved, ie, After disconnecting and re-turning the unit, the data is stored and can be scrolled which is useful for analysis or in case the voltage in the city network has disappeared to have an orientation in which phase it was the process of making silver water, Concentration of the solution.

Water samples made with this device were analyzed at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Niš, Department of Analytical Chemistry, with the latest equipment and the obtained results show that the tested sample is a true colloidal solution. You are able to use the recommendation in the instruction manual to use with which you immediately have the source for obtaining a solution of 5ppm or 10ppm. You also have the option of individual recipe selection.

This kind of device already exists in the world, but the same or similar has so far not been offered in our market. The device is adapted to our market by price. After using the device it quickly pays off since the 0.5lit silver water concentration of 5ppm is about 6 to 8 euros on the market. Especially with the device are offered two electrodes of silver purity Ag 999.9 (99.99%) dimension 0.5x8x180 mm. (Area: 2 * 8 * 180 + 2 * 0.5 * 180 = 3060 mm2 = 30.6 cm2).

Warranty: 24 months

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