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Silver Water
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Experiences of users with silver water

This is a summary text collected from various websites and forums, translated from Serbian to English via Google Translate

The most satisfied users we have among young people who have solved their problems with pimples with silver water, while one Smederevo girl is immensely grateful for having cured the great cystic acne that had struck her for years.

Also, very soon some consumers cured persistent feathers and seborrheic problems.

Silver water removes keratoses on the skin - these are the dark spots and skin spots that result from excessive sunbathing or quartzing, and are more commonly known as aging spots. Many have noticed that young people have been visibly reduced to them.

In the treatment of psoriasis we also have a dozen people who simply can not believe in rapid and significant improvements.

In just two days, a user solved an unpleasant and painful eczema on the chest, which has bothered him for years.

In all these cases, the best way to apply is if the clean water is sprayed on a clean skin with a bottle and left to dry. Treatment should be repeated at least three times a day.

It has proven to be effective and the use of Silver Water in viral and fungal warts, healing of nails in the tissue, as well as in the hake of the eye. Critical spots should be sprayed or if it is possible to hold a few minutes in a little silver water.

They are very good and quick results in all types of wounds, cuts and burns on the skin. If you, for example, hurt your finger, put it in Silver Water and hold for a few minutes. If you have baked, immediately brush with Colloidal Silver Water and repeat it every few hours. The pain will disappear immediately, the plaque most likely will not appear, and the burn will go without any scar.

Dr. Hranislav Đolić, the famous surgeon, owner of the Hospital "Sveti Luka" in Novi Sad, has been using "Colloidal Silver Water" in his hospital for 3 months. During this time, he has gained a wealth of experience in more than 200 patients with various diseases. Here's his testimony:
"We first started to use Silver Water in the wound after surgery, we put the gaseous soapy water in the wounds and we are thrilled with the results - there are no postoperative infections, wounds quickly heal without any problems, we had an extremely difficult patient, a young man of 25 years old Had to undergo surgery and had a rare disease of blood, a coagulant disorder that prevented the healing of wounds. We also succeeded in closing the wound for Silver water.
Another procedure where Colloidal Silver helps us very much, these are the surgeries of the perforation of the ulcers, the intestine, the gastrointestinal tract and all the others that are followed by the pus of the abdominal cavity. We perform the necessary operation, clean all of this, and then wash off the abdominal cavity with silver water, a little water and leave it inside and then close it. The results are fantastic - there are no postoperative infections and complications that are otherwise common in these cases and the recovery is much faster.

Some other users have confirmed that postoperative wounds are healed almost three times faster if they are sprayed with Silver Water - no infections, and the scars are much lower than before.

Good results have been achieved in the treatment of gum and paradentosis inflammation, and one of our elderly users claims that his teeth are no longer nodding as ever.

A dentist who had constantly irritated eyes from the dust that came out of work solved this problem by placing Silver Water as a drop in the eyes.

A few people saved chronic sinus inflammation, and one boasted how he cured angina-inflammation of the throat by scratching and throating a throat "Colloidal silver water" three times a day for two days.

Two women cured a persistent fungus that they had in their ear, using Silver Water as drops that were placed in the ear.

In the case of thyroid gland diseases, there are also noticeable signs of improvement, although these diseases require a longer period of treatment with silver water.

We also have positive results with hemorrhoids. One user claims that Silver Water applied externally has shown 3 times higher efficiency than the standard cream applied in those cases.

We have some results with very serious diseases. A woman from Novi Sad, 15 years old, has drawn a very painful chronic inflammation of the bladder and urinary channels. With Colloidal Silver Water, she solved this problem in a week. She drank one small sip for every 4 hours.

Several contributors who had prostate problems also noticed visible improvements, and only after a few days. And we recommended them to take a sip for every 4 hours.

People who have problems with the lungs have also noticed that since they take Silver water, they no longer have seizures or problems with digestion.

A man from Zajecar, whose son has hepatitis C, has seen significant improvements after 2 bottles of bottled water. And what can possibly do us the most, it's quite a large group of patients with multiple sclerosis who started treatment with colloidal silver water, and most of them notice improvements that are smaller or higher, depending on the stage of the disease.

The woman from Smederevo, Ruza Pavlovic, who has been suffering from MPS for 6 years, who was taken away from the entire left side and was not able to do anything, after a month of taking Silver water feels reborn, she says she has received extra energy and can again To cook and play cards.

We have resolved many chronic kidney, bladder, urinary tract infections, Escherichia infection, although it lasts longer, Candida - extremely effective.

We gave patients with an enlarged prostate which are not yet for surgery and we will see what will happen.

We are convinced that colloidal silver helps very quickly in asthmatic attacks, spasmatic bronchitis, especially in children, coughing, by putting only 3 cm in the inhaler and after two to three breaths the attack stops.

The patient came to me in the morning all red, lit, temperature 39.5. We give it to him every 2 hours after a sip of silver water and until the evening he has won the flu.

Colloidal silver also helped one of our patients with a twelve-thorax ulcer. After 3 days of application, the ulcer was closed and his problem is serious.

One patient with latent sugar, extremely high cholesterol and triglycerides all reduced this to a normal extent by drinking "Colloidal Silver Water" 4 times a day, although she did not want to give up anything she normally was eating.

We also tried the hardest patients. Although I must say that, unfortunately, the patients we received in the terminal phase of the cancer - that is, with metastases. Such patients are hopeless, but we still tried. In two cases, here they are, to our surprise, still alive. It's about a woman with malignant cancer of the uterus and ovaries and metastases on the stomach and liver. We surgically removed the uterus into the ovaries, but we could not continue and we fired it. She received chemotherapy, and immediately after surgery, we gave her colloidal silver to drink every 2 hours. It's been almost two months and she says she's drinking Silver water and it's good. You know, according to all medical predictions and experiences, she should be dead, and she walks around and says it's good!
The second case is lung cancer, which has affected even the right lung wings, also with metastases. After surgery, the patient refused chemo, he took drinking Silver water. Our forecasts were that they would not survive for more than a week or two. It's been two and a half months and he's still good and moving!

That's what we've seen, but I do not want to give false hopes to people who are in such a state of advanced disease.

All pharmacology textbooks say that silver is the most powerful antibiotic ever discovered. I can not understand why medicine has forgotten about it. We will continue to apply Colloidal Silver Water, thank God for having us here right now, and we will record all the results obtained. "