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Blood Electrification

Silver water and electrification device

Existing buyers of silverware or those who decide subsequently have the possibility of implementing an electrification device in a silverwater device according to the Dr.Bob Back protocol.
This combination does not provide rechargeable batteries in the device, but therefore the price is more favorable for those who decide later

Do not hesitate to consult your doctor or other health care professionals who are concerned about you.

Warranty: 24 months

Shortened translation of Dr. Bob Back protocol, original and authentic text can be found on the website:

Electrification device

The device is microprocessor based on modern AVR microcontrollers. The device is made using Dr Bob Back protocol, it can be used by everyone, beginners because it is fully automated. The device provides features:

- The device is powered by batteries or from city hates through the correctors. This allows the customer to use it when it is mobile, anywhere (battery operation option) or while in his home (work on the city network). The rectifier, which comes complete with the device, is also used as a rechargeable battery for the NiMH 27V battery. The device has an indication of the status of the batteries , green LEDs. Battery capacity is 12 hours of continuous operation of the device. Since electrification lasts 2 hours per day on average, you can electrify with batteries a number of times until it has evaporated.

- Unique has the ability to adjust the time of electrification , after that time electrification is automatically switched off, indicating the red LED.

- Given the different construction and sensitivity of the one who electrifies, there is the possibility of adjusting the intensity of electrification.

Shortened translation by Dr Bob Back on electrification:

The cure of "incurable" illnesses by an electronic device with microstructured blood electrification has been proven to be surprisingly fast, inexpensive and safe in the treatment of carcinoma, HIV ... and does not require surgery, medication, medical expenses, medicinal plants or external intervention. Also, many other diseases may disappear by electrification, including silver water for detoxification. Given that a person carries pathogens in the body, electrification is recommended as a preventive measure in healthy people as the destruction of the same causes the immune system.

This research work since 1991 is based on laboratory experiments reported by researchers at leading universities that prove that pathogens-viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds ... are neutralized by microstructures.

Dr.Bob Back, who worked on this at the inauguration of his research, said hundreds of patients had been completely recovered by using electrification and are now alive and that this is evidence that electrification will be cured. In essence, the 50-100uA micro-power stream that flows through the blood has the potential to eliminate the infection and proven to restore the damaged immune system. Cancer that is currently being treated with currently acceptable techniques (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy) costs several hundred thousand dollars, but the patient rarely survives for five years. With electrification, typical costs are a couple of hundred dollars. The optimal immune system has long been known to eliminate cancer, but cancer is usually treated as a specific disease. When electrifying, use 5ppm silver water.


1. Use of electrification is forbidden to users of poems, pregnant women. It is forbidden during elitrification to consume potentially toxic drugs, nicotine, alcohol, recreational drugs, laxatives, medicinal herbs, many synthetic vitamins and fast foods a few days before the start of electrification to avoid electroporation. The effect is the same as overdosing.

2. Do not place electrodes through skin damage, scratches, new scars, cuts, sunburn.

3. If you experience laziness, nausea, dizziness, itching, headache, pain, subduction, flu-like symptoms or post-exposure rash, reduce the electrification time.

4. Be extremely cautious with people who have damaged renal or hepatic function. Start slowly at about 20 minutes a day to reduce the problems of detoxification.

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electrification of the blood
Silver water and electrification device

blood electrification Dr Bob Back Electrification device

Dr Bob Back The Beck Protocol is a four part program for health: Blood Electrification, Magnetic Pulsing, Ionic Colloidal Silver and Ozonated Water. Also learn about Bob Beck's Brain Tuner or Bio Tuner for relaxation

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