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Colloidal Silver Water

Silver Water
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Colloidal Silver Water

Colloidal Silver Water

Silver water (Ion colloidal solution) is used in the human organism in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, the strengthening and rejuvenation of the human body more than any known preparation. Silver water acts as a catalyst by blocking certain enzymes that bacteria, viruses and fungi use in their metabolism. These disease-causing agents in contact with silver water are left without oxygen and food and are decaying.

They are removed from the body by the excretory and lymphatic system. No micro-organism can mutate or become resistant because nano silver is very fast and efficient. There are only a few microorganisms in our body that are resistant to silver, but these are useful microorganisms that are necessary for the functioning of human organs. Nano-silver particles are so small that they do not damage the organism of man or animals and are excreted from the body within 24 hours. In a technologically developed world, ongoing research is being carried out and the conclusion is drawn that silver water is a miracle of modern medicine.

Silver water kills more than 650 species of pathogenic organisms.
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The fact is that in the West silver water has been used for 30 years, and in medicine it is now known that silver is a natural antibiotic. Namely, when it comes to viral and bacterial infections, colloidal silver water is an excellent ally in this ongoing fight against invisible enemies that are all around us. Since MS patients have a weakened immune system and are prone to various infections more or less, then in that case, silver colloidal water is particularly helpful especially during the months when viral infections have occurred.
For now, scientists are testing the power of colloidal silver in laboratories and achieving stunning results that are hard to believe. One thing is certain: the 21st century will be a century of great silver return in medicine.

Silver water helps raise immunity in younger and older people and protects against many viruses and infections. Silver water helps to whiten teeth by removing calcination from the teeth and thus bleaching them. It is recommended that silver water be kittens at least twice a day in the mouth to destroy all the infections and viruses that enter our body. When drinking silver water you feel much better and have the will to work. It can be directly applied to the skin (in wounds and burns), and as an antiseptic it is irreplaceable. Silver water can be used independently of other medicines you drink.

Unlike other antibiotics, due to the nature of silver activity in the body, viruses and bacteria are unable to develop resistance to colloidal silver water. Not only do they not develop cell-resistant cell lines (antibiotic-resistant bacteria), as is the case with other antibiotics, but silver is completely inactive against human tissue. Unlike other drugs, silver water is completely non-toxic and easily cleansed from the body.

Colloidal silver water is recommended as for the already present disease, it is also highly recommended as a preventative agent.